This class is composed of children within the age range of 1 - 3 yrs of age.  A teacher and assistant(s) are each allowed 6 children to work on skills within 15-20 minute intervals, with appropriate transitions in a two hour morning work period and a two hour afternoon work period.  Transitions include art, music, gross motor development and snack.  Skills for taking care of self, environment, and food preparation outline the practical life.  Concepts of visual discrimination in language and math tie into a well organized environment to allow the child the individual practice needed to form appropriate social connections within the classroom.  The attention to the physical development includes toilet training with specific guidelines for parents to continue the process at home.
Please, come and observe. Request an appointment.



This class is composed of children within the ages of 3 - 5  yrs of age.  A teacher and assistant(s) will allow for 12 children per adult to experience the development of order, concentration, and coordination to independently work on the academic areas of language, math, science, geography, and history within a highly prepared environment with specific Montessori materials.  The Practical Life area will enhance the refinement of fine motor skills and practice of grace and courtesy needed to further social connections and develop concentration needed for more sophisticated and complex work in the academic areas.  Please come and observe.  Request an appointment.



This area is composed of children from the ages of 6 - 12 yrs of age.  The need for order and repetition no longer distinguishes this group.  A need to 'strike the imagination' now allows the child to research and develop the more complex learning process.  Lessons spin off the academic development.  Children will be introduced to all learning  with 'key experiences' that will make their learning memorable.  Please come and meet with the teacher who will provide a tour through the classroom and a key experience you won't forget. Request an appointment.